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Andrew's Offerings:

Massage for Integral Wellness

Andrew is an experienced and uncommonly gifted bodyworker, skilfully blending his advanced training in consciousness studies and integral theory, his keen familiarity with human anatomy and kinesiology, and his sensitive intuition to help you reclaim your natural state of well-being. Andrew is committed to tailoring each session to your unique and specific needs.


Massage can be a powerful part of one's healing and wellness regimen, and has been shown to provide many benefits for body, mind, and spirit, including:

  • stress relief and relaxation

  • emotional release

  • energetic release and balancing

  • increased somatic awareness

  • postural and structural improvements

  • increased flexibility and range of motion

  • headache relief

  • management of chronic pain

  • injury recovery




Andrew has many years of experience working with the whole body. He has massaged professionally for over 12 years, is licensed in massage therapy by the State of Michigan, and holds a Reiki Level 1 Certification. He regularly works with musicians, athletes, educators, bodyworkers, and other individuals whose vocation and lifestyle make heavy demands on their body-minds. Techniques he incorporates into his practice include:

  • Swedish/relaxation massage

  • neuro-muscular therapy

  • myofascial release

  • trigger point release

  • sports massage / facilitated stretching

  • Reiki energy


You are welcome at any time prior to or during a session to make specific requests for styles of bodywork and areas of focus. Andrew is at your service!




First session discount: $10 off any massage

60 per hour

70 / 75 minutes

80 / 90 minutes

100 / 120 minutes


Sessions take place in Andrew's studio, located 10 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor. Outcall visits are also available; a $10 travel fee applies.


Please note that my appointment schedule fills up quickly; I recommend scheduling at least one day in advance.



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